Oreo Cake

31 May

This one very easy to make and the taste is just like one of my favorite chocolate cake from M&S.

From prepare the ingredients to bake it, it is less than 30 mins. Really no excuse for me to stop doing this.

Homemade Dumpling 🥟

2 May

Sometimes just can’t believe myself have the patience to make this. But I really did. At first, I plan to make vegetarian taste but worry the taste is not good enough. So changed my mind and add some dried shrimp. I made more and put some in freezer for the week.

The taste is great and should make again next time …. when my freezer has space.


1 May

The only exercise I do these days. It can’t be a 10k run. I can keep around 5-7k most of the time. I like the feel of sweating. Burning fat and stay healthy. Hope I can keep this habit longer 😉


1 Apr

Don’t know start from when, I start to eat avocado. Add to salad, smoothies and toast. All are perfect ways to eat that. At first, the chance for buying good quality avocado is just 50:50. Yet, practice makes perfect and I can buy good quality ones recently.

I like to make avocado toast the most. It’s yum and can serve as a healthy lunch. One of the lunch choice when work from home.

Toaster is a good kitchen gadget by the way, with that, it’s easy to prepare a yummy toast

Curry Pork Chop

27 Mar

We are strongly encouraged to stay home. It has been lasted for more than 1.5 months. A routine life has been established gradually. All the knowledge I learnt from those meal plan YouTube video can apply to life.

Curry pork chop – something I cooked last night for dinner. I made extra on purpose such that I can pack some as lunch today. Yesterday it served with miso soup and rice as dinner. Today, it served with smoothies and roti.


Sunset collections

24 Mar

One of the benefits of work from home is I have more chance to experience this. See what I captured in the past 1 month.

Weekend breakfast

12 Oct

Fall is coming. It means I can have my breakfast in balcony area. Great.

Mild sunlight, breeze and a book is perfect matched with the breakfast.

Bread is from M&S. Surprised good. The moisture and sweetness is what I like. Can put in freezer and reheat in microwave before eat. Very convenient.

Yogurt is a Japanese taste 柚子. Quite fresh.

These days like to add some salt to coffee to embrace the coffee taste. Perfect Saturday morning.